Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Sewing

Back this spring, I decided to spend my summer vacations sewing.  It's been quite a few years - I think that the last garment I made was for my daughter when she was in junior high.  My skills were pretty rusty, but I still managed to make a few items that I really liked.  I won't tell you how many I made that DIDN'T fit!  Ha!

Anyway, for two weeks this summer I ran my old machine and my new machine non-stop.  I think that I've made eight pairs of pants, three blouses, a jacket, two pincushions, a sewing machine cover, a sewing machine mat, a dog bed, and several book covers.  And I have managed to stash quite a bit of fabric and patterns too. 

This is the first blouse that I made this summer.  I don't have a dress maker's form, so it's kinda hard to display my garments, but I guess you can see them alright.

I don't know who invented princess seams - they are SUCH a pain to put in, but really dress up a blouse.  You can't see them in this picture, but they are really there.  I'd never done cuffs before either.  They turned out pretty decent even if the directions weren't very clear.  I sorta muddled my way through.
My VERY FIRST serged item!  I knew that DH was going to create a sewing room for me.  I wanted my fur babies to feel at home in there, so Karen at Bless My Stitches helped me pick out this really cute doggie flannel.  It turned out a LOT bigger than I had thought that it would, but that's ok because all 3 of my babies can fit on it at one time.  They were so funny the first time that I showed it to DH.  I put it on our ottoman and all 3 of them jumped up and laid down on it immediately!  "Mine, mine, mine," they said!

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