Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Little Share of Heaven

Sewing!  Recently I have discovered that sewing can take you far away from all the troubles and ills of the world.  It has truly saved my sanity. 

Things that I love about sewing:

I love to hear the "snick, snick, snick" of the scissors as I am cutting out a new pattern.
I love to browse fabrics and patterns on the web.
I love to learn new techniques in sewing.
I love it when a garment actually FITS!

This summer, my beloved New Home sewing machine that we bought when my daughter was a baby finally bit the dust.  So I took myself to Murphy to look at NEW Janome machines!  Oh, what fun!  Bless My Stitches is now one of my favorite places to go on Saturdays.  Anyway...I came home with a new machine - the Marie Osmond Quilters Friend.  I've named her - you guessed it - Marie!  How original - NOT...

Here's a pic of Marie and then a pic of her cover

Marie's New Cover

My revived interest in sewing had begun to take over the entire house, so my husband decided, most likely to reclaim his sanity, to create a dedicated sewing space for me!  I've driven him crazy over the last couple of weeks by continually asking, "How much longer?  I can't wait, I can't wait!"  Here are pictures of the work in progress:

Mike is measuring!  Almost ready to start putting in the floor!!!

Checking out Mama's new space.  Whaddaya think?  Will she let us come in here?

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