Sunday, June 12, 2011

Long Time No Blog!

It has been FOREVER since I've done anything with my little blog.  There is absolutely no way that I could possibly catch up, but here is the short version:
  • planned and executed a wedding in three weeks (WHEW!)
  • sewing like a mad woman
  • went to Augusta three times - got dreadfully lost all three times
  • joined a Block of the Month club
  • joined a Quilt of Valor club
  • got into machine embroidery!
  • last, but certainly not least, will be a grandmother in a few weeks!
I've had tons of fun planning sewing projects for my new granddaughter.  If/when it gets finished, she will have a "The Hoots" quilt, compliments of an Amy Bradley Designs pattern, several fancy little embroidered burp cloths, a couple of embroidered bibs, and an embroidered quilt.  Since burp cloths don't take terribly long, I've got some of those finished.  Other things are works in progress - LOL!

Small wall hangings are also big fun because they finish up fairly quickly, and I've done a couple of those. 

There are a couple more (LOL) but I've got to get picture of them before I can post.  After I get all of my current projects done, I really, really, really want to make one of those "Butterfiesy" wall hangings by Cedar Canyon that uses stencils and paints.  It is just too gorgeous for words, as you can see here!  (This is NOT mine - it is a picture of the pattern package)

I was doing some web surfing and bounced onto this and I swear, my jaw hit the floor.  Just totally LOVE it!  Maybe I can start it next month, if I get everything else done.  Or maybe I'll stat it even though I've got several projects going already.  Somebody did a survey - how many projects is too much.  In my humble opinion, a body's got to have at least 10 going.  That way you don't get bored!  Seriously, though, I am having to force myself not to order the supplies for this thing, because I know that if I do, as soon as it hits that mailbox of mine, there will be no sewing for baby getting done!  The baby quilts are a MUST!

And before I totally forget - for my friend Peg Baker, who kindly follows my silly ramblings, here are some pictures of one of the lap desks I made for Christmas.  I found her tutorials on how to cut bias bindings on You-Tube and they were VERY helpful!

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